Freedom Of Speech - what does this mean??

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The contemporary Manipuri society is passing through one of the most critical phases in the history of its existence. Today we are living in a transitional period which is characterized by chaos, disorder, anarchy, instability, uncertainty and confusion. It is quite apprehensive to think about where our society is heading to. But, we know that the direction of social change very much depends upon the existing 'ideas'. The clash of ideas or suppression of ideas may prove fatal for the society.

Here, the role of the 'Intellectual community' is highly indispensable to determine the future course of social change and political development. As such, the need of the hour is 'Intellectual Renaissance' to herald in a new era of all-round development in this post modern world where our society is only in the initial stage of modernization. I feel it's our ultimate duty as citizens of this State to accomplish the mission which history has assigned to us.

And our duty is to fight against the existing system of which we have been the victims. History will never forgive anyone who shirks his responsibility towards humanity.

But for this, a free and fearless atmosphere is the pre-requisite condition in order to enable the intellectuals to maintain intellectual honesty and to develop academic originality. It is a fact that Article 19(1) (a) guarantees the right to 'freedom of speech and expression, but it is also true that what is legally justiciable is not practically enforceable especially in the State of Manipur because of various constraints imposed by reality. Today, we cannot freely express our ideas concerning social, economic and political issues since we encounter some sort of regimentation in our social life. We all know some truth but we dare not to speak out our mind due to fear...