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Living in such a diverse, ethnic and aggressive global economy, competition is inevitable. Taking this into consideration, having the ability to discuss, write and read at a relatively high standard is taken for granted in a Canadian workplace. It is obvious that it is essential to have all these qualities in order to effectively apply them to the workplace because assumingly, an individual would need to interact and use their interpersonal skills when dealing with others. Education is also vital because without the proper background knowledge, one would not have the necessary skills when working in their designated field of their choice. Nonetheless, foreign domestic workers face challenging feats and obstacles because of these barriers. Further, it is also challenging for foreign domestic workers to prosper in such a challenging Canadian economy because they do not receive pay equity, their lack of rights, unstable job security and various forms of harassment that they face.

Canada is a predominately English speaking country, thus immigrants from other non-English speaking countries would have difficulty learning the language as well as speaking to other co-workers. Some common jobs or occupations that these foreign domestic workers would have would be: housekeepers, companions, baby sitters, children's nurses and parent helpers. It is obvious that these occupations would not allow these individuals to have the flexibility to advance in further job opportunities as these secondary labour market jobs are relatively insecure which in turn results in lower income and meagre fringe benefits. Not having benefits can restrict an individual because it does not allow them the freedom, as other occupations would have.

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Education is also required in today's job market as the necessary skills and knowledge are used as a foundation or guideline in order to successfully elaborate and build on these abilities. Proper training...