The Flag and the Tree.

Essay by m_iria_m July 2004

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Three boys called Peter, Paul and John were driving down to their other friend's house, Eric one dark and cloudy night. None of the other boys liked Eric very much; they all called him 'chicken shit' and 'loser'. Nevertheless, John did like him, so told Paul to leave him alone, Paul didn't accept.

"I know, here listen to this..." They all agreed. Consequently Paul decided if Eric slept over night in the graveyard just off Parks Street and to make sure he slept there he had to pin a red flag to the big tree near the tomb he was worthy to be their friend. So he agreed, and the boys left him off at the graveyard gates, shouting things and laughing at him as they drove off, Paul shouted,

"Well be back for you at nine in the morning, till then.... Sleep tight..." And trailed off into a fit of laughter.

Yet, Eric had a better idea. He thought if he pinned the flag to the tree tonight, go home and come back in the morning no one who ever know. Yet, he really desired nothing but to leave right now, as he was frightened. He walked slowly up to the tree, and looked behind him and over his shoulder till he was certain no one was watching him. He started to pin up the flag haphazardly and before he had finished, he released that the nail wouldn't go through. He started to panic.

"Ahhh crap. All this for nothing, I'm out of here." He started to walk towards the gates when he noticed a shed that was never there before. It was old and bits had fallen off it to give it an ancient look. Eric decided to check it out. He walked slowly, and carefully over...