"The Firm" by John Grisham

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The Firm is one of those lengthy best sellers, but this one actually seized my attention. Other books that have excellent reviews like the Tom Clancy and The Lord of the Rings series were actually quite boring to me. The Firm though, was one of the only higher grade-level books that I cherish.

The Firm is about Mitch McDeere who's working for the firm, Bendini, Lambert, and Locke that's secretly run by the Morolto family (the Mafia). He wasn't suspicious about anything or why the firm leased him and his wife Abby a BMW, paid off his school loans, and arranged a mortgage. But he got more suspicious here and then. First, small things like the FBI asking him stuff and five members who died that worked for the firm. Later on, he found out big things, like the firm being run by the Mafia, and that his car and house was bugged.

He found out about all of this from the FBI and they wanted to get them information about the firm, and in return, they would give him money and they would get his brother Ray out of jail. Soon after, the firm found about his cooperation with the FBI, so Mitch was on the run from the Mafia and the FBI. Mitch, his wife, and his brother were all living in poor hotels hiding, but he also had help from friends and someone he bribed.

He eventually got away on a boat to the Caribbean with Abby and Ray. They sailed all over the sea, but they stayed at Little Cayman, since Mitch and Abby have had big experiences there.

Other stuff: There are also other things happening in the book, that I didn't put in, so here you go! In the book, people kept...