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First, I want to personally give some of my thoughts about what happened at Auschwitz. I lived in Germany for three years and I visited several places that pertained to the history of Auschwitz.

I went to Burchesgarden and Salzburg and looked at Hitler's underground bunkers and by looking at the design and layout of these bunkers, it was clear that Hitler was a genius and psychotic at the same time. The way he had the ones for his personal use was amazing and the ones for his military strategy was clear that only bad could come out of the intentions he had for these bunkers.

When I visited Auschwitz, it had an unusually drab, sad, evil and many other horrible auroras that place put out around me. It gave one a doomed and sunken feeling just to even look at the place. I know it is nothing it uses to be in the 1940s, but even the sight of it now (1993), gave me such a horrible feeling.

While standing there I tried to imagine the history of the place and I could see (so to speak) the evil and torment of this cold, place that once was a human flesh factory. At the same time it was hard for me to imagine everything that had taken place there, fore; I am sure that there are many things that happened there that people do not know nor can comprehend, except for the people who endured this monstrous barbarism. How this barbarism was ever allowed to take place and for as long as it took place I will never comprehend. The government has their nose in everyone else's business so how could they have ever let this become a course of history throughout the world.

Theadore Adorno...