Essay Questions and Answers on Whitman, Cather, Frost, London, and Dickinson.

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Lee A. Zito

Describe the bride in "The Bride Come to Yellow Sky."

The bride in the story is very plain. Both she and her husband are embarrassed to be on such a classy train on which they stand out. She is quite plump and homely. She is also not used to big spending.

What is the relationship between the man and the dog in "To Build a Fire"?

The relationship between the man and the dog in to build a fire is one that the man takes for granted. The god is sensible, his instinct about the weather tells the man that they should head for shelter. The man ignores the faithful dog which ultimately becomes his doom. At one point the man considers killing the dog to stay warm, to which the dog seems to show some knowledge of. While a mere dog could remain loyal and caring, the man appears backstabbing and arrogant.

How is the ending in To Build a Fire a fitting conclusion in a story, which reflects the realism in London's Writing?

The ending in to build a fire is a fitting conclusion because it presents a sort of moral or lesson to the reader. Through the animal we see how we should trust our instincts. This is realistic, the fantasy the man had in his head to overcome the cold is not. As men and women we tend to believe that we are immortal. London presents us with the truth that we are not.

In The Sculptor's Funeral make an observation concerning the ordinary people of the town.

In the sculptors Funeral the town's people do not seem to like the person who has died. They like to gossip about the dead and share stories of why they did not like...