This essay is on the life of Goerge Washington. It is in compare and contrast mode.

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Being a president or a commander during the American Revolution would have

taken someone with patience and nerves to lead a country. The first president started

laws, which consisted of the Bill of Rights. These laws are still around today. During

this time there were a lot of battles being fought, but in the 1700s military men were not

trained as properly as they are now, so this could make fighting battles more challenging.

These are just a few examples on how George Washington lived his life. He impacted

everyone's life by helping our country gain independence throughout some states.

On April 30, 1789 Washington took office in New York. He was unanimously

elected for two terms in a row, but refused to try a third term. George was at the

Constitutional Convention that established framework for the new government.

Washington had to hold the United States together, get government working, and attract

first-rate people to run it.

He believed that it was up to him to represent all people, be

leader of the U.S., and lead all foreign affairs. One of the first problems George took up

was national defense. "To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of

preserving peace," he said.(Col) National finance was a issue because the government

under the Articles of Confederation was unable to govern largely. This was caused by

lack of power to tax. Washington settled boundary disputes, gained peace with the

Indians, and opened more forts to prepare for another war.

George Washington was general for eight of the battles fought during the

American Revolution. Washington took command of a 14,000 man army on July 3,

1775. By March 17, 1776 he had forced the British to evacuate. George then tried to

defend New York, but he...