This essay is about the life of George Washington. This essay is in descriptive mode.

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Life in the 1700s was very different from what it is like now. Families normally

ran plantations, using black slaves to do most of the work. There were continuous battles

being fought. This was also the first century that had a president. George Washington

survived this century known as being a courageous leader in battles and being a very

good president.

Augustine Washington and Mary Ball got married in 1731, and on February 22,

1732 their first son George was born. George was born on his father's plantation at Pope

Creek in Westmoreland County, Virginia. He was the eldest of six children. By 1738

their family had moved twice. When George was eleven Augustine passed away, and he

left Mary just enough money to raise their children. This limited George to the amount

of schooling he could receive. He was consciously making up for his education by

reading informative books..

At age 17 George joined a surveying expedition in 1748, and he then decided to

make a career as a surveyor. In 1752 George's half-brother Lawrence died leaving him

Mount Vernon, and allowing him Lawrence's place in the Virginia militia. This was a

very good opportunity for George, so he decided to take the position. In 1753 Governor

Dinwiddie sent George, who was 21, to deliver a message at the French fort,

Dusquesne, demanding they leave the area. This 900 mile journey established

Washington's international reputation. A few months had past when Mr.

Dinwiddie dispatched Washington along with 150 men to assert Virginia's claims. Ten

men were killed in the fight. This led to the French and Indian War. George volunteered

as an aide to General Braddock during the 1775 battle. Braddock was commanded to get

the French out of Ohio. When the battle was over, Washington gained control of...