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By:Lee A. Zito

I have heard of the John Woolman house that has been preserved and memorialized. Unfortunately, I never knew anything about John Woolman until this year when I read one of his pamphlets against slavery. After reading this excerpt from his journal, I can see he is definitely an interesting man.

All through out his life he had a close connection with God. As a child his parents reinforced this relationship. Of course this is pretty normal for most children. I related hugely to his relationship with his parents. They basically set him on this religious path, helping him learn to keep God close at all times. Woolman writes in his Journal that he was guilty plenty of times in disobeying God and found it so hard to overcome temptations.

The incident with the Robin is quite disturbing. Woolman depicts the occurrence with honesty and realism, expressing his sorrow and anguish in killing both the Robin and it's eggs.

Even then, during this ordeal he kept God close, asking for forgiveness. This routine continues in different forms throughout Woolman's life until he is a young adult.

As a young adult his understanding and familiarity of God has grown. He still struggles with temptations, but can overcome adversity. Woolman still is susceptible to sin, and one in a while falls from grace. He laments his actions deeply in his prayer, and writes how merciful God is to him. His fear of the Lord keeps him close to his faith.

Woolman's relationship with God grows even more when he employed in a furnishing store in Mount Holly. One would think just the opposite would happen. Woolman is now open to even more temptations and sins. His struggle to be holy is bombarded by vanity and wanton friendship. Not to...