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Psychologists study human (and sometimes animal) behavior and the mental, social, and biological processes that are involved in behavior. They evaluate and council clients, teach, administer programs, and conduct research. Becoming a psychologist of course takes time and dedication seeing that you must obtain a PhD (4 years after bachelors) and get two more years if you want more study. The requirements are a master's degree but a doctoral degree if you want employment in most fields of psychology. Certification is mandatory in certain fields of psychology. The next step up from psychology is becoming a psychiatrist, in which they can prescribe medicine. There is also an average outlook.

To begin, psychologists have a varying salary wage. It can range from $50000-$100000. Ones who have been in practice longer can get up to $200000 a year. This is a direct relationship between the numbers of years in occupation as well in number of patients.

A counseling psychologist works with clients who are usually not mentally ill but have problems in their lives. Some of these problems include family crises, interpersonal conflicts, depression, marriage problems, or vocational problems. They help guide people to a better life and help them make decisions as well as helping them develop better problem solving skills. Like clinical psychologists, counseling psychologists provide individual, family, and group therapy.

There are many qualities and/or requirements in order to be the best possible psychologist you can. Emotional stability and patience are among the most important. Being able to stay calm and remain patient will better the chances of a patient coming back. You must have experience in asking "how" or "why" questions and know what to ask in order to help them solve the problem. Another important quality to have is excellence in your oral/speaking skills as well as...