Ensure Contentment to Ensure Complacency to Ensure Conformity

Essay by spoonman419High School, 11th grade July 2004

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There are great evils at work in our society today. They fight us each on individual battlefields in a war most fail to comprehend. Unrecognized and unopposed these evils pervade our us, insidious they pull at our minds.

These great evils present themselves to us as conformity and complacency. You question, unseeing, as to how two such mediocre nouns could constitute threats to our great homo-sapien civilization.

To explane I'll point out that lurking in your question is the product of combination of these two evils. Mediocrity- of middle quality. In every facet of our society it has become a point to be aimed at. People strive to be average with alarming consequences. Those falling either side of average may be ridiculed and labeled. Attached to a group so they can be considered normal and not a threat.

So what? you cry. You have showed us no evil. People conform and life continues much as it always has.

This pressure to conform brings no shattering earth changes upon us. If anything it helps preserve the status quo, ensure the continuation of simple peace and prosperity. But that is the evil it brings. Because it renders no changes on us it stifles our process of evolution.

We are stuck with a society riddled by terminal diseses of the soul. Hypocrisy, apathy, ignorance, arrogance, greed and injustice abound. Perverted capitalist supremacy is ensured by bureaucracy and brainwashing. Governments control our actions and media ensnares our mind. Far more devastating is the later which empoverishes us with one hand, then teaches us to like it with the other. We are kept content with materialist trinkets, captives in a prison of our own devising.

This is open and visable to everyone. Commonsense would have you all see the reasoning but for carefully constructed...