Electronic Monitoring Probation

Essay by longlinergirl August 2004

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I am doing this paper on electronic monitoring. I am doing this paper because I need a paper to write for you and this is the page I opened to in the book to get the idea. No, really because I believe that electronic monitoring is a terrific way to police probation and parolees when probation and parole officers are so severely overworked. By not having to check in on the offenders as much, because at any time we can hit a button and know exactly where they are, or be notified instantly when they are somewhere they shouldn't be, it would be a lot easier on probation and parole officers.

Electronic monitoring is a good idea and should be used more. The advances in technology can be very useful in community corrections. Implementing GPS technology into these electronic bracelets can be used to further improve monitoring. By knowing where an offender is at all times and knowing as soon as he enters a place where he does not belong, we may be able to help re offenses.

Going as far as implanting devices into people to monitor them is a little too much, but by adding a few parts to the already existing bracelet should not really present too many problems. All in all I think this program would help prevent re offenses and help curb the costs of putting people back in jail. According to Pro Tech, a company who is working with law enforcement officers in Oklahoma City, it cost roughly $9 a day to monitor a person via GPS bracelet as opposed to $48 a day to send them back to jail. This is only one reason why we should do this, another being that it may help people become productive members of society again by...