Education in Once and Future King

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Manu Mathew

Ms. Mies

English III

17 November 2001

Education in Once and Future King

Education is one of the main issues in "The Sword in the Stone" in T.H White's novel. Education in all our lives is important to becoming a true winner. We use this has a main resource, throughout our lives.

Wart spends the night in the Forest Sauvage; the next day, he wanders until he stumbles upon the Merlyn's cottage. The old magician introduces himself to the Wart, offers him breakfast, and tells him that he will serve as his tutor. He and the Wart return to Sir Ector's castle, where Merlyn offers a display of his magical powers. After a month passes, Meryln begins tutoring the Wart. His first lesson consists of turning into a perch. Here the first glimpse of education in Wart's life.

In the White's novel, T.H White was trying to prove education was important in the life of Arthur.

He would soon need it when he becomes king. The author offers an array of characters and situations that show different ways the boy acquires the qualities he needs to act as a loyal and responsible king. The novel, it deals with leadership and how a naive boy who knows little of the practical and political world becomes more knowledgeable about it, all without his even realizing that such an education is taking place.

The decoration of Meryln's cottage also suggests his upcoming role in the Wart's life. It was filled with books, and all another sort like images which give an education atmosphere. There was also a talking owl Archimedes. This setting resembles a university in miniature and reinforces Meryln's importance to the Wart's education. Before they return to Sir Ector's castle, Meryln teaches the Wart how to properly...