Driving Law Reforms Research Paper

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Driving Law Reforms

The next time you get in your car, take a look around at all the people that have the potential to kill you and your loved ones. Driving really is a scary thing that is not to be taken lightly. Many people are simply poor drivers and should not be allowed to have a driver's license. It does not say in the constitution or in any government document that being a United States citizen guarantees you the right to drive. However, it seems that no matter how poorly a person drives they still have the luxury of getting their driver's license. We cannot prevent all accidents but we can lower the number of them by making laws that protect us from these poor drivers. Studies have shown that 88.5 percent of accidents occur with drivers age sixteen to twenty and those that are seventy and older (McMahon 1).

This writer will show that driving laws are in desperate need of reform.

When a person goes to get their driver's license it takes them about thirty minutes for the entire examination. They take a written test, which allows them to miss a mere six of the twenty problems and still pass. A physical driving test is then given. This test entails driving around a city block. If the candidate does not damage their car or hit somebody in that one lap they are awarded with a driver's license. If a monkey were trained properly it could pass this test. The driving test needs to be more difficult. If a person misses several questions on the written test they most likely were not dedicated enough to study. Therefore, they should not pass this section of the examination. If a person makes one mistake on the driving...