How do the texts (The simple gift, Catch me if you can and Harvey krumpet) communicate aspects of the topic "into the world"

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The verse novel The Simple Gift by Steven Herrick, the film Catch Me If You Can by Steven Spielberg and the short film Harvey Krumpet by Adam Elliot all communicate aspects about the elective "Into the world". The variety of texts deal with aspects of growing up and transitions into new phases of an individuals life such as achieving independence which shows the importance of responsibility when in an adult world; the characters attempt to redeem themselves; relationships, which show their love and friendship with other people; and the problems of growing up whilst surviving in an adult world and coping with the sorrow when someone you love dies or leaves.

In all three texts the protagonists' main issues all arise from their inability to live at home any longer. Billy, Frank and Harvey all leave home to escape an intolerable situation at home. While these transitions into new phases of the characters' lives help them to escape the sad memories from their former childhood they soon find out that living an independent life does have its own problems.

They all enjoy a great deal of their new situation but they also realise that they have to face the responsibilities that come with leaving home on their own.

Some of the problems that the protagonists' face are problems of survival e.g. parting with loved ones; finding a ride out of town; a place to sleep. In the Simple Gift Billy's problems are quickly overcome as he finds an empty train carriage, which he calls "My Motel Bendarat". From there he finds a river where he can wash himself; a farm where he can pick fruit and work; and a nearby McDonalds where he goes to eat other people's leftovers. Harvey situation is very similar as he too finds the simplest...