Distance Learning

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Unit 5 IP 1

Unit 5 IP

Distance Learning

Sheri Beasley

Business Presentations


Robbie L. Rodgers

August 14, 2004

Unit 5 IP 2

Going The Distance

"An Alliance For Action"

I. Introduction

1. The Growth Of Distance Learning

2. Wisdom Comes With Knowledge


4. Everything To Gain

5. Taking Action Heeds Funding

6. Distance Learning- the college perspective

II. The Growth of Distance Learning(CNN, 2003)

a. Colleges report an increase of 13% in enrollment

b. Testimonies from David Ford and John Flores

c. Report from International Data Corporation

d. 92% of Distance Learning Students are enrolled in Public Institutions

III. Wisdom Comes With Knowledge(MIT, 2000)

a. Distance Learning is a critical application of economic and social development

b. Primary goal of Distance Learning is student success

c. Distance Learning Capitalizes on emerging market opportunities

d. Distance Learning serves as a catalyst for institutional transformations

IV. Action (Personal power, n.d.)

a. A- Access

b. C- Consensus

c. T- Teaching and Learning

d. I- Investment

e. O- Organization

f. N- Needs

V. Everything to Gain(MIT, 2000)

a. Increase Access and Affordability to Students

b. Strengthen Enrollment

c. Expand Course Offerings

d. Serve Local Employers

e. Expand an Institutions Geographic Reach

f. Achieve Customer Satisfaction

VI. Taking Action Heeds Funding(Websys, 1997)

a. Federal Grants support Distance Learning

b. Star School Programs

c. National Science Foundation

d. U.S. Department of Education

e. Non-Government Grants from private institutions

Unit 5 IP 3

VII. Distance Learning- The College Perspective(Ed.gov, 2002)

a. Technology Impacts today's Students

b. Formal learning sets standards for geographical issues

c. Communication and collaboration foster strong learning communities

d. Enrollments and Courses increase through Distance Learning

e. Colleges report DL students excel in time management, commitment, and a changed mindset toward career

VIII. Summary

XIV. Conclusion

a. Questions and Answers...