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I was disgusted. Disgusted at everything. This world became too much, too much to handle. I had to break out of the chains and escape. Escape from what? Escape from the same mundane style of living every American lives. I sold my stereo and car for a one way ticket to New York. I hated people but at the same time they fascinated me. I believed that people were generally born greedy and

For a long time I had trouble accepting who I was. In my heart I knew who I was, but society told me I was someone else. I was uncomfortable with the person I was becoming. I tried to see myself in ten years but I couldn't see anything. I was scared because my future belonged to uncharted waters. My life was to become a path not many have followed.

My plane arrived in New York around 3:00am.

I stepped off the loading platform into another world. On the plane things were certain and guaranteed. I had my own place on the plane. If I needed to use the bathroom I had the luxury of knowing that it was right down the aisle. Off the plane nothing is guaranteed. I was thrown into a world where survival depended on the animal and the skills he possessed. I was still awake and buzzing from the cocktail drinks I chased down on the flight. The flight was long and my legs were cramped. It felt good to walk. I made my way from the gate to the baggage claim without a hassle. I waited with the other passengers for the light to flash and the bell to ring so we could get our suitcases and get away. While I waited for my bag I watched with delight as a...