Different, but meaningful

Essay by cheekynicki August 2004

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It was once

more than a year ago

when I had not

chosen to be here

But as always, Fate

chooses as She pleases

and giggles as She teases

The sunset views as I walked

along the plains

and as I lay down on the tiny, rustic jetty

overlooking the graceful streaks of colors in the sky

and listen to the silent whispers of the idyllic lake

as it caresses the soul, and heart

with ripples, and bubbles, of pleasure and leisure

The flowerbeds of myriad colors

brightly seeps in my heart as I pleasantly walk

along the peaceful aisles,

each morning

the yellow sweethearts

fresh and serenely joyful

remind of love and care

A gentle touch, sweet and mild

left imprints of finesse,

slowly and steadily

made my heart light, like a feather in the wind

and soulfully sweet, like chirping birds in the woods

To leave a place,

there are mixed feelings, of course

as one would have, when one has loved

As I take the slow, reluctant

and sometimes poignant, walk

away from Curtin and Miri,

I wonder:

Will the faithful stars look as fine, as I look at them

so beautifully here?

Will the flowers and landscape evoke the same

passion and romance, of the darlings I have here?

Will tranquility be, a trusted companion still?

And will there be cycles of joy and contentment

as I have here in the early mornings

and late evenings?

So many uncertainties

so many dilemmas

playing so playfully, in the realms of my heart

giggling, as it sees me torn between

a choice of heart and mind

There is solace however,

for I always believe

"There is a reason for everything

and everything is always reasonable."

What more,

I do not, and must not,

wait for things which...