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Through dialogue the audience can easily depict who has the power in a conversation. This is possible even if characters are unaware where the power lies. Through manipulation people often think they have the power despite the fact it lies somewhere else. Audiences can easily perceive who has the power through the use of cleverly written dialogue such as in Williamsons play 'the club'

One scene in this play where a character is being manipulated by another is the dialogue between Gerry and Laurie. In this scene Gerry sets everything up perfectly so as to make Laurie feel secure and in charge where as Gerry is actually the one in control. He makes Laurie feel special by letting him in on a secret and making it out to be that they are best mates. This softens Laurie up and makes more susceptible to sabotage. By getting Danny to leave the room he has also set up the scene perfectly so as he will not be contradicted or loose control.

In the scene Gerry is a big hypocrite telling Laurie

"They are not just you're puppets" before starting on his on manipulative quest.

Gerry eventually gets what he wants, a public apology to Ted.

In another scene soon after this in a piece of dialogue Ted and Danny seem to grapple for control in the conversation. Both want their way and willing to fight for it.

TED: 'The players can go to hell"

DANNY:" if that bloody committee of yours gives Laurie the boot, then we don't play tomorrow ''

Neither of these men to loose face and start to get into an argument and starting throwing around threats, this just worsens the situation as their testosterone starts to make them arrogant.

Towards the end Danny starts to...