The Destructive Enemy. One of the stories i wrote. Got to do with Star Wars. Take a read!!!

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I saw every moment of it. The red, bright laser blocked me from the most lethal fight between my superior master and the dark, deadly enemy. My master was fighting intensely and with all his might to defeat the deadly enemy. Each clash between the light sabers made me more and more anxious. I wanted the lasers to be turned off so I could make my move and kill the noxious enemy with the help of my master.

The clashes got louder and louder in my ears when finally the deadly enemy slashed my master in half. The lethal enemy was revealed that he kill my master and started to loosen up and then started to wait for the laser to be switched off. I saw every drop of blood which poured of my dead master's body which made me more in enraged.

The lasers turned off as I made my move to the deadly enemy.

His mask shined with every clash with the two light sabers. I attacked him from every angle but every time he would block it. I saw the tiredness in him and the sweat dripping out of his face and I knew I would vanquish him and take revenge. He managed to use his physical strength and make me fall onto 0the floor and raced to the switch of the air door and pressed it. The air door opened as quick as lightning and the bright sunlight from the sun filled my eyes as I saw the deadly enemy shoot out. I raced to the door and saw him got onto a spaceship. I yelled in anger and stomped on my feat.

I was go to make my way to the transportation. I took a last glance at my master. He was still lying...