Democrats and Republicans

Essay by SexySlave987 August 2004

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1) Refuse to stand up to the Palestinians. There will never be peace in the middle east as long as Yassir Arafat and other terrorists are not fully and universally condemned. Even the slightest bit of softness or compassion for terrorists perpetuates their horrible acts and inspires followers.

2) Stand up for illegal aliens. Illegal aliens have nothing to do with immigrants. Illegal aliens have nothing to do with race. Illegal aliens have to do with people who violate laws. None should ever be rewarded with benefits, none should ever be given citizenship. The argument that we all were immigrants is an argument against this practice, because law-abiding, process-following immigrants have nothing to do with law-breaking illegal aliens.

3) Continue to see "the rich" as some evil, alien creatures to be bilked, while refusing to admit that lots of poor people are poor because they actually are lazy and have the wrong priorities and values.

4) Prefer to whine a lot rather than do what is necessary to make things better.

5) Show a lack of respect for good Judeo/Christian family values types. There is nothing wrong with people who get married, go to church on Sunday, and have conservative social values. Even if they are white and live in the mid-west.

6) Treat minorities like a commodity. There is only one type of person in this country: Americans.

7) Have no respect for people who disagree with feminism. Women should have equal rights and protections, but that doesn't mean every woman should focus on a career above a family or be assertive and aggressive. Just as women should have a right to a career and to be assertive and aggressive, true feminism has respect for their right to act in traditionally feminine ways.

8) Make your dope smoking...