Dead as Dark

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It was a very eerie, foggy night in the small town of Ethwitch. The graveyard was silent except for the rare sound of crackling, rolling leaves. The crows were also unusually still, and quiet. As it grew closer to the time of the dead, the wind began to kick up, the fog began to thicken, and the sky grew dark. The Courthouse clock struck twelve, and the town bells slowly began rocking left to right in a slow, yet continuous motion. The graveyard floor began to grumble as if hungry.

The sky was clouded, yet the full moon was viewable, in an unusual fiery tint. The nearby forest was dark and coming to life, with evil unescapable wolf like creatures. The creatures stand with great height and strength. The sight of this creature would cause an average man to freeze in terror. The vicious growl of these creatures will make a young lady scream a shriek of death.

They begin a simple citizen, then at the sight of a full moon they evolve to the uncontrollable, evil creature that we fear.

The streets and town buildings are filled with evil as well. This evil hides from light and now awaits it's enemies arrival. The strongest of evil and almost impossible to kill in the dead of dark. These are not creatures and not humans we refer to them as, Vampires. Pale, red eyed, dark haired, beings of evil, who will attack you in any circumstance. They bite the neck of the prey, and drink the innocent blood of man to gain strength, and also to convert a simple being to one of it's own.

As the ground cracked and shifted the smell of rotted flesh began to fill the air. Another kind of evil, yet defenseless and powerless to most...