The Crucible & Reality

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The Crucible represents the truth about human emotions and responses and it makes me realize how much this play relates to everyday life. In The Crucible, Abigail points her finger at others so that she will not get in trouble or punished for her actions. This relates to reality because many times, when people get in trouble they are quick to put the blame on someone else instead of taking responsibility for their actions. The whole city is gullible and quick to believe anything Abigail says even without proof. Kobe Bryant was accused of raping a minor and whether he did it or not, society will always look at him from a different perspective. The townspeople and court believed Abigail because everyone her and her friends accused either had the choice of going through humiliation for the rest of their life or death. Abigail showed no mercy for these innocent people to save her name.

That is why she ran in the end. Many people in the world will believe almost anything. At the checkout lanes in the grocery stores, the shelves are lined with magazines containing fiction about celebrities and anything a four year old can imagine. The reason these magazines still exist is due to the fact that people pay money for them. People are gullible and love to blame others. The Crucible is just a written example.

Abigail Williams is the villain in this play. She manipulates her friends and the townspeople to believe that others have been practicing witchcraft or worshiped the devil. Abigail craves attention and just wants to have some sort of power. When she sees that people begin to turn to her for answers, she grasps that and takes it too far putting 19 people to death. I guess she doesn't realize what...