This is a creative writing piece about wwII called A lesson to Remeber

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I remember it clearly. It was a cold winter night near the end of December. After losing a basketball game for the ninth time of the season I had finally lost all hope and given up. Stomping up the stairs towards couch I was trailed closely by my grandfather some five minutes later. My stubborn attitude and selfish manner forced me to tell my loving grandfather to go away because of the fact that I did not want to hear his sanctimonious platitudes. Knowing I was always right and thinking that would never change I never paid any attention to what others had on their minds. He hastily responded, "You know 'Pop-Pop' will always love you." Ignoring my grandfather, he decided to share a story that would forever change my perception about life as well as my attitude and overall personality.

As his old and paw-like hand crept around my minute shoulders, he started his story.

"After landing in Germany with rest of the 91st Airborne we made our way towards Birkenau..," my grandfather began. While he continued the story I discovered the misfortune of the Jews at the death camp Birkenau. Although Americans were dying in great numbers as they marched in to central Germany, more and more Jews were liberated. My ambitious grandfather told me that during this campaign, 83 of the 110 troops of his division had perished or disappeared; the 27 remaining troops made their way closer to Birkenau until surrounding it. Shortly after ten minutes of bullets whizzing by and horrid screams of the wounded had ceased, the miniature battle ended. My grandfather and his troops secured the grounds and rescued all of the remaining forces. "Even faced with tremendous adversity, I never gave up or ever took on a pessimistic attitude. Remember...