Contemporary management

Essay by dolphi_darren July 2004

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In the research field of contemporary management, the theories about people management have been paid greater attention. The scholars start to concentrate on studying these specific topics. Nowadays, more and more issues are raised and given much more attention in relation to the relative topics. One of them is the discussion of the manager as a person and as a decision maker. It generally studies the difference between the different roles a manager plays and how we can conduct this situation and put it into a sound-developing environment of the whole organization.

As a manager, he/she has to have some special skills to fulfil tasks that he/she faces. One of the most important skills is decision-making ability; as a person, he/she has the personal traits, which influence the position he/she undertakes; he/she also has other external problems of the organisation, which will affect his/her working abilities. To be simple, the organization has to connect these two aspects together, conduct them in a correct way, and keep the organization running well in any environment.

With the development of the new economy and the emergence of 'headhunting', more and more people realise the importance of keeping the managers serving the current business organisation.

The purposes of my report are listed as below:

State the above-mentioned problem in an objective way and give the specific situation in current society.

Analyse the situation and connect it with other relative opinions.

Examine this issue and predict the potential trend and responses in the management field.

Draw a simple conclusion and give some personal recommendations in relation to this problem.


Within the context of management field, the understandings about what a manager is and what he /she actually does are getting more important than before. Why is this considered as the soul of...