Comparison between Oedipus Rex and The Wogboy

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Modern audiences, especially young people, would have difficulty with the issues and dramatic conventions portrayed in Oedipus Rex, but would have no difficulties with The Wogboy. A major reason supporting this statement are the differing means of presentation employed to portray issues and conventions. The efficient use of film over prose, or the original play, is already an attractive form of presentation for the contemporary audience, especially the younger audience of today. The form used to deliver a story is extremely significant in terms of "sending the message across" or in this case portraying dramatic issues and conventions. Modern audiences, especially young people, are accustomed to the more efficient form of text, film. Being able to easily apply oneself to a text type, it becomes a lot easier to understand what's going on and thus become engrossed with the plot enabling one to understand and abide by the conventions.

It's needless to say our modern audience prefers film over prose.

Another obvious factor relating to whether the audience is comfortable with the text is the language being used. When considering The Wogboy over Oedipus Rex it's quite easy to understand why modern audiences would find it less difficult to comprehend. The matter of fact is The Wogboy employs jargon and language contemporary to today's society, where as in contradiction Oedipus Rex employs a much higher standard of literature which might be found difficult to understand by a majority of modern audiences therefore making it difficult to understand issues.

More importantly, the actual issues portrayed in each text are of course the crucial point of the statement. When critically analysing both texts it's quite easy to find that the issues portrayed are very similar. For example, the major themes of Oedipus Rex are known to be the very essence...