Comparison between Chopin and Gilman using The Storm and The Yellow Wallpaper.

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By Lee A. Zito

Gilman's perception of her "reality" and Chopin's Calixta in "The Storm," are women who just might have been suffering the same feeling's of depression and routine. The only difference might be how they dealt with this depression. Gilman suffered from depression after the birth of her child, using this depression to write "The Yellow Wall-Paper." Chopin seemed to be just bored in general with same old routines. Both were women who felt suppressed by the male gender. They successfully overcame this suppression through their writing.

"The Storm" and "The Yellow Wall-Paper" are stories that empower women. Both of the female characters break free from being held down by the "male idea". Gilman allows her character to crack up, scaring men and women readers into the reality of depression. What she recommends is an understanding of what depression is and how we should really treat it.

Chopin allows her character to sexually free herself in a way that women were restricted from doing. Both authors told the truth, even if it appalled readers. This creates literary works that helped women coping with depression, as well as boredom.