Comparing Jews and Christians

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The thing that sets a religion apart is its buildings or shrines for Christians it the church. For Jews it is the synagogue

This essay sets out to establish the difference between Jewish sacred building and the Christian buildings. Explaining whhat the differences are and what makes them unique, and also how accesable they are to others

Christianity is a very wide religion, with many followers and denominations, all of which have different views on how and where their worship should take place.

There are two main types of worship under which the denominations fall, liturgical, organised services, or non-liturgical, less formal services. The christian relgion is a very open religionand encourages others even forcing some to join the christian faith useing missionarys in many countries.

In a liturgical church, such as Anglican, Russian Orthodox or Roman Catholic the services are more structured. There are set points where the congregation joins in, and points where the priest speaks.

This helps bring the congregation together as they speak and sing at certain points as one but also keeps the priest separate from the people, reminding the worshippers that God is a separate, holy being, above ordinary people.

In a non-liturgical church the services are less structured and people are invited to join in when they feel moved to. There are often no priests and a member of the congregation will lead the service. In some denominations, such as the Quakers, there is no service at all and people only speak if they feel moved to by God. This assists people in their lives and beliefs because it reminds them that no one, a priest for example, is higher than anyone else in God's eyes and that they can all have a personal relationship with God and speak to Him as they...