Compare the operation of three cases:"I will phone you back","London zoo" and "Executive holloware"

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Compare and contrast

2.1. Transformation model: although all operations conform to the general input-transformation-output model, there are differences between different operations.

2.1.1 Inputs to the transformation process

a. Transformed resources: the resources that are treated, transformed or converted [7].

Executive Holloware": the transformed resources are the raw materials. The company uses some metals such as pewter and stainless steel to product top quality hollowware.

I will phone you back: the Oilpartz Ltd. Produce some components, so the transformed resources are raw materials, too.

London zoo: in this case the transformed resources are passengers and tourists.

b. Transforming resources: the resources that act upon the transformed resources [7].

Executive Holloware: its transforming resources consist mainly of buildings, machinery.labour, and technology.

I will phone you back: the transforming resources are buildings, machinery, labour, machinists and technology.

London zoo: the transforming resources are the facilities in the park and the staff of the zoo.

2.1.2 transformation process

Executive Holloware: materials processing

I will phone you back: materials processing

London zoo: customer processing

2.1.3 Outputs from the transformation process

a. Tangibility: usually products are tangible. you can physically touch them. Services are intangible. You cannot touch them.

Executive Holloware: tangible;

I will phone you back: tangible;

London zoo: intangible.

b. Storability: products can be stored; services are non-storable.

Executive Holloware: storable

I will phone you back: storable

.London zoo: non-storable

c. Transportability: goods can be transported. However, the intangible services are difficult to transport.

Executive Holloware: transportable

I will phone you back: transportable

London zoo: no transportable

d. Simultaneity: products are always produced prior to the customer receiving them [8]. In the other hand, services are often produced simultaneously with their consumption.

Executive Holloware: non-simultaneous

I will phone you back: non-simultaneous

London zoo: simultaneous

e. Customer...