Compare American beliefs or values with your country. List some differences such as culture, relegion, food, etc.

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There are many beliefs and values that are different and the same time similar from European countries such as food, culture and belief in religions. American people eat different food than in Europe. They like to eat junky food from McDonalds, Duncan donuts, hamburger, donuts with coffee, bagels with cheese. Also in the morning they eat cereal. In addition the lunch is the most important for American people. . However it is different from my native country. Some people still doesn't know what is junky food is because it never been sold in there. In Ukraine they eat their own made food and a lot of liquids like various kinds of soups with different kinds of ingridience like potatoes, carrots and tomatoes, which are very healthy.

In America there are a lot of various cultures. Every culture has their own specific tradition and everybody tries to keep them up.

From the birth of a child to death. Most of the people dressed in their own national clothes, especially when it's big holidays. Also, students in America like to dress in brand name clothes, jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, etc. Also each culture have their own traditional food, but in Ukraine it wasn't seen so often people in traditional clothes. Students supposed to wear suit with a bright shirt, and it wasn't allowed to wear jeans and snickers.

The last quality that American value is belief in religious. There are many kinds religious in America like Judaism, Christianity, Islam and many others. Judaism is divided on many groups. Orthodox and Reformers. Orthodox belief that if a child was born in a Jewish mother he or she is considered a Jewish person, but the reformers belief that if the father was Jewish and the child was born in a Russian mother it...