The color purple by Alice Walker Writen as a new character (Sophia) in Celie's situaion A New Beginning

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He act like he can't stand me no more. Say I'm evil an always up to no good. He tries to take my baby but I don't want to let him go. 'No,' I whisper but he acts like he doesn't hear me. I don't let him go because I know Pa will want to kill him, just like he killed my little girl. I try and sit up but Pa doesn't want to let me, so I yell at him, 'No, you aint taking Adam!' He stops and looks at me with disgust in his eyes 'You already have a name for that child?' he spits at me, but I don't reply I know that I called him Adam from Adam and Eve. God would like that, it means the beginning and my Adam is the beginning of me being happy. I know I have made him mad but I can't help it.

He pulls back his arm and hits me right in the mouth, my lip starts to sting and my eyes get all blurry, so I look away because I don't want Pa to see me cry, even though he has seen me cry many times before it feels different this time because if you're a mama you have to be strong.

Pa tell me that he going to kill me and my baby when I'm sleeping but I don't care what he says because I dream of me running away and having a family in nice warm house. So when Pa leaves I get up and take my boy into Nettie's room. 'Oh Odessa,' Nettie says in a distressed voice, 'what have you done to your lip?' I didn't realise but when Pa hit me my lip started to bleed and it had run...