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Essay by greggy August 2004

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As college rolls though this first semester, more and more differences are noticed from the years in high school. The responsibilities have changes along with the freedom and the workload of assignments. The teachers and professors and also the teaching environment have change significantly. This doesn't mean there are still similarities.

Right from the beginning the responsibilities of life had changed here in college. As a student and a resident I am responsible for my action and consequences. I am paying to be here at this college. I receive bills and other payment that I need to pay. In high school my parents if too severe would have taken care of many of the consequence. Bills and report cards were sent home to the parents, along with important notices. In past year there were always my parents there to make sure I got big projects done but now it is my responsibility.

Without parent taking care of me here there is a lot more freedom than the years in high school. There is no one here telling me my curfew is at 1 A.M. on weekends and going out during school nights are not allowed. Here there are things I could never do at home. I can turn up music up fairly loud or watch television all night. I can people over when my parents are 'not home'. I can eat whenever I want and "spoil my dinner" if I feel like it. Even taking care of my room is up to me and I control my life.

Since I have been here I have noticed a huge difference in the workload. The type of work in most of my classes is assumed and even if you don't do it the teacher will not keep asking for it...