Carich was failed because of its unsuccessful management

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Carich is the New Zealand's biggest private education institution which provides the computer training course and English education to the foreign students. The company's mainstream focus is offering local and international students training and development toward globally recognized computing diplomas and certificates. Caron Taurima is a director of Carich Training and New Zealand's biggest private training provider; she has twice won Maori Business Woman of the year. She is an inspiration to all business people and is our first female winner, but also one of our youngest. She also competes in the world entrepreneur of the year awards in Monte Carlo in 2004.

Carich was established in 1988 on the base of a mortgage over her father's $75000 from the bank. At the beginning of the business, they only offered a 12 weeks Maori access computer course to six students. Within two years, all debts had been paid off and had provided five full time training courses.

Today Carich provides education to more than 11000 students a year with 250 staffs and annual revenue of more than $33 million. Carich has nine regional campuses across New Zealand, including Auckland, Manukau, Hamilton, Lower Hutt, Wellington, and Christchurch and plus five subsidiary computer gyms.

The Carich's organization mainstream focus is to offer local and international students training and development towards globally recognized computing diplomas and certificates. Carich stands for co-operation, accountability, respect, innovation, communication and honesty. The aims that Caron Taurima formed this organization were to develop people knowledge and skills so that they become competent in advanced computer operations, necessary to become either a personal assistant or an executive secretary, or have a role in business information or accounting support.

Each organization has a distinct purpose. The distinct purpose is typically expressed in line with a goal or a set...