Career descriptions - State Police Officer, Chef, Lawyer

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Job one: Police Officer -state

1. Police officer for the state government

2. Main tasks involved include:

- Undertake community policing activities

- Patrol assigned areas

- Apprehend law breakers

- Investigate criminal offences

- Guard prisoners

- Undertake random breath tests on drivers

- Make secure sense of crimes and accidents

3. Personal requirements needed include:

- Interested in helping people

- Able to stay calm in difficult situations

- Honest and reliable

- Willing to accept responsibility

- social maturity

- Physically and medically fit

- A degree mental toughness

4. No physical requirements

5. Educational standard:

- Pass year 12 have a score of 66 UAI or higher

- Passed physical and criminal history tests

- Passed medical suitability and basic examinations

6. Further study includes:

- Diploma of policing studies 3 year course

- Bachelor of justice studies 3 year course

7. The Starting salary of a state police officer is 43 thousand a year but also can increase a great deal from over time work, public holidays and weekend work.

10. It would affect my life style by:

- Its shift work, which involves weekend and public holidays, no detail in when you have to work and how long

- Shifts can include shift anywhere around the state, makes you moving a lot, don't know where your going to be or how long.

Job two: Lawyer

1. Lawyer

2. Main tasks involved include:

- Provide advice

- Write documents and conduct negotiation on legal matters

- Represent clients

- Deal with property probate

- Workers compensation

- Family law

- Commercial or criminal law

3. Personal qualities required:

- Good oral and written communication skills

- Able to understand, analyse and use facts quickly and logically

- Able to work under pressure and deal with...