Canadian politics

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Canadian Politics Quiz

1. have never threatened the territorial integrity of Canada.

2. Ontario, Quebec (upper and lower Canada), Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.

3. The "Loyalist" in English Canada is immigrants from the U.S. who found themselves on the losing side of the American War of Independence. They migrated north to British colonies that were French speaking, and their general views were liberal in political beliefs. Loyalist is a self-justification for not being American.

4. Americans

5. July 1, 1867

6. 1759, In the lower part of Canada, (Quebec)

(1). French-English relations, (2). Native demands for self-government - These two have occasionally been associated with political violence and calls for the withdrawing of territorial boundaries. (3). American influence on Canadian culture-has assumed forms that are less obviously territorial, the impact on Canadian political community has been great. (4). Regional tensions - Regional grievances and conflicts

7. Atlantic Provinces

8. Queen Elizabeth II

9. Distinct Society would attempt to persuade Canadians that to constitute a clause would only confirm that they already know that the French language and culture are the prominent social forces in Quebec and that Quebec has its own legal system, the civil code.

10. Paul Martin (Since December