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The Movie of "Cabaret" is classed as a Musical, set in Berlin, during the Nazi German times of the 1930's. However, although based around an extremely serious time, the director has managed to satirically portray the events and ways of Germany at the time. The Movie is primarily based around; the character's of Sally, Brian, Max, Frit and Miss Laundauer. The effect of satire has been achieved through the use of various techniques, including; Irony, Hyperbole and Juxtaposition.

Throughout the "Cabaret" movie, the ways of German people and essentially the ways of the German Nazi Party are being satirised. It is satirising not only the nature of the Nazi's but the nature of the whole of German society. Satirising they way that people looked at the Nazi's and the fact that the majority of German society thought that everything would be alright, which can be seen in the words of Maximillion when riding in a car with both Sally and Brian, he is quoted to say, "The Nazi's will knock out communists and then Mother Germany will take care of the Nazi's."

Through this we can see Irony used to acheive the satire as when we look at History, we can see that these ideas of Max, which were carried on by many German citizens, never became a reality.

The Movie is not only a satirisation of the German Nazi people at the time but it also satirises numerous aspects of human life in regards to all times. A large percentage of the satirisation is achieved through the use of songs, sung at the Kit-Kat Club, which is the home of the musical of Cabaret. A good example of this can be seen in the song, "Money Makes the World Go Round," these are the lyrics that make up...