To Buy A New One Or A Secondhand One

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Modern people could buy more kinds of things than before. Attractive commercials are made everyday and people pay money to exchange goods like food, clothes, cars, even services. However, more and more people supersede things they bought for certain reasons and resell them in the flea market or online with lower price. As a result, people have two choices when they are shopping: new or secondhand. Before making the decision, we should compare new and secondhand goods in terms of cost, quality, and where to get them.

New goods are more expensive than used ones in most conditions, unless the quantity of the product is limited so that it adds its value as time goes by. It's human nature that people like the new and loathe the old, so they resell things with lower price to increase the space storage. It's good news to some students or frugal housewives because they could spend less money buying necessities like books or furniture.

For example, many Americans like to go to the flea markets in the neighborhood to search for the "treasure" and enjoy the feeling of benefit.

In addition, there is a marked difference in quality between new and secondhand goods. Generally speaking, new goods are under quality control before they are transported from the factory, and consumers would get the new products with quality assurance which the sale agencies provide. That means there are few problems on whole new goods. In contrast, used goods have the advantage of lower prices but couldn't be requested for higher quality. For cars, the difference in appearance might not be obvious, but consumers pay more upkeep costs when they buy troublesome used cars. Even if they buy a nice secondhand car luckily, they still have to pay necessary costs because the mechanics of...