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FY2003 Business Plan

June 2002

1.1 Mission Statement 3

1.2 Vision and Values 3

1.2 Core Values 4

1.3 Culture Change - To Support Vision 5

2. THE MARKET IN 2003 6

2.1 Our Products 6

2.2 Key Industry Trends 7

2.3 Likely Industry Participants - 2003 8

2.4 Conclusion on Market in 2003 9


3.1 Growth Targets - by Product Segment 10

3.2 Where does the Business Come From? 11

3.3 Key Competitor Analysis 12

3.4 Key Buyer Values 13

3.5 Sustainable Differentiation 14

3.6 SWOT Analysis 15

4. FY2003 PLAN 16

4.1 FY2003 Business Objectives 16

1.1 Mission Statement

To provide efficient and innovative intelligent wiring solutions in power and data management through the delivery of quality products and exceptional service to meet client and industry requirements.

1.2 Vision and Values

Our vision: To be recognised as the most innovative provider of intelligent wiring solutions for the workplace.

Our Customers:

We will provide innovative solutions with a customer's focus.

Our Employees:

We will develop our staff and provide them careers not just jobs. We have an "Us not I": mentality.

Our Suppliers:

We will partner with carefully chosen suppliers.


We will provide a fair return for investment and generate sufficient funds for reinvestment.


We will develop our managers to lead by example.

Regulatory Bodies:

We will work with Standards and Compliance authorities to play a key role in evolution of standards.

1.3 Core Values

Core Business Values Core Personal Values

Customer Focus - Service/JIT

Quality of Product

Technical Information and support

Being innovative

Environmentally Responsible - Reuse Or Refuse!

Employee Recognition / Development & Relationship

Good Customer & Supplier Relationship




Technical Excellence


Self Motivated

Responsible and Accountable

1.4 Culture Change - To Support Vision

Aspiring to...