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1.0 Executive Summary

ABConveyancing- Conveyancing as easy as ABC...

ABConveyancing presents a new software product that is set to revolutionize the way in which conveyancing is done in Queensland. ABConveyancer software is a unique piece of office software soon to be a must have for all solicitors and law firms across Queensland and eventually Australia. By making conveyancing, faster, easier and more reliable then ever before ABConveyancer will become an immediate success.

Conveyancing has been a large part of solicitors for a long time. With the housing boom of recent times the need for conveyancing to be done has increase with more and more houses, land and units being sold. With conveyancing taking up a large amount of solicitor's time, they are eager for an easier and ultimately faster way to complete their conveyancing needs. The initial need for the software will be large and the ongoing fees and charges will ensure that the business is always bringing in money.

Private Law firms over the past decade have also increased meaning that there is a large and growing market to sell too.

Currently there is no competition or similar products in the market. By entering this product into the market it will immediately be a unique piece of software taking a large amount of the target market. This will make it difficult for similar products to then be released later into the market. By maintaining accurate information through various updates and upgrades, ABConveyancer will remain current. This will mean it will not become obsolete and new products will find it hard to find a market as the most used and accepted conveyancing product would be ABConveyancer.

2.0 The Business & Industry Analysis

2.1 Mission Statement

"ABConveyancing, it's as easy as A B C..."

Our mission...