Business Memo for A proposal to Jiffy Lube to purchase a new piece of shop equipment for fuel system service.

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DATE: July 26, 2004



SUBJECT: Proposal for Incorporation of Fuel System Cleaning to Service Menu


With gas prices soaring and automotive emission control systems becoming more and more complex, fuel system preventative maintenance is becoming very important. Today's auto gasoline contains many more additives than it once did. Furthermore, the natural build-up of olefins, paraffins, dirt, water, and even some of the additives can be found on the inside of fuel passageways as well as in the intake manifold and on the intake valves. The problem is that all of this build-up causes poor vehicle performance and increased fuel consumption. All of these deposits in the fuel lines may signal the fuel pressure regulator to signal "full pressure" to the fuel pump, causing the pump to work harder than it needs to and causing premature failure of the fuel pump. Deposits in the fuel injectors themselves cause the engine's computer to increase the duty cycle for the fuel injectors, which means that they stay open longer in order to supply the proper amount of fuel for combustion; this, in turn, causes premature wear of the bobbin and coil in the fuel injector.

Any and all fuel system irregularities end up creating increased emissions and bad fuel economy in an otherwise properly functioning vehicle. Jiffy Lube will be the audience for my proposal based upon the nature of the service they provide, which is limited to a preventative maintenance level only and not actually providing repair services. In order for Jiffy Lube to continue to provide valued service to its customers, it is important that actions be taken to counter the effects of fuel system deposits in customers' vehicles.



I would like to recommend the purchase and implementation of a new type of fuel system...