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In every decision there is a process which is used to determine the best way to go about making that decision. There are many different tools and techniques that can be used to come to a final decision. For purposes of this paper I will use the brainstorming technique. Brainstorming can be done alone with a pad and paper or within a group with a designated facilitator and a white board or chalk board. Individual brainstorming is an art although there is definitely a special dynamic to group brainstorming sessions. I will discuss when it is best to use brainstorming and when brainstorming might not be an appropriate technique to use.

Brainstorming Defined

Brainstorming is defined as a group of decision makers getting together in one room at the same time to come up with ideas or possible outcomes to every decision. Each brainstorming session is comprised of freelance ideas, open minded thinking, and possibilities.

Often in brainstorming tensions are high and everyone is fairly tense while trying to come up with the very best solution of the problem.

When brainstorming in a group, one person acts as facilitator, encouraging the other participants and recording ideas on a blackboard for all to view. Everyone, including the facilitator, calls out ideas as they think of them. To keep things moving, each idea is presented only superficially. The idea originator explains the idea only enough so that everyone understands it. Then the floor is reopened. Typically, brainstorming sessions are energetic and noisy.

Creative ideas can be fragile. Therefore, while brainstorming it is important to create an open, nonjudgmental, and upbeat feeling. To this end, no one should be allowed to openly judge an idea as bad. During a brainstorming session, when an idea sounds totally ridiculous and particularly unusual a useful...