This is a book report of the book "A dream of stars" written by Brian Caswell.

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In the short stories of "A Dream of Stars", there is often recurring themes. One of the things that Brian Caswell uses in these stories is self-esteem. Brian Caswell repeats this in most of the stories in "a Dream of Stars".

In the story "Freeze" there is a Character called Simon. He doesn't receive much attention from his parents and he likes to receive a lot of attention. When he is a young child, Simon finds out that he has a very special power; his power is that he can freeze things and people. Simon has very low self esteem because he does not receive any of the attention that he would like. He uses the freezing power to make him feel better about himself and tries to give himself all that he wants. When he was a child you could tell that he had low self esteem and tried to make everything better.

He froze his babysitter and made a mess, and acted like she made the mess because she wouldn't let him stay up late and do what ever he wanted. He wasn't getting any attention and we know that he would have liked to. So he tried to fix it all up by freezing people and trying to get what he wanted.

In the short story "Chocolate" Jacqui was the good looker of all her friends. Her friend Kylie has low self esteem and thinks that she is ugly and has too many pimples. Ricky is friends with Jacqui and Kylie and also thinks of himself ugly. Ricky has liked Jacqui for a long time. Jacquie does not realize that Ricky likes her and just thinks of him as a friend. In this story Jacqui notices some pimples on her face and she puts on...