Bluetooth Technology

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Executive Summary

The recent steps along the wireless technological frontier and a host of technological innovations have revolutionised wireless broadband Internet access and provided many new and exciting opportunities. However, much is left to be desired in the "last mile" or rather "last few feet". For instance, with the advent of GPRS(General Packet Radio Service) and CDMA(Code Division Multiple Access) and a number of other revolutionary modulation and transmission techniques it is now possible to access the internet wirelessly using either a cellular phone or a PDA/Laptop at relatively high speeds. However, when it comes to synchronizing the PDA with the laptop or the phonebook in the cellular phone with PDA/Laptop or just exchanging information with a friend via laptop/PDA one would still need to either use cables to connect the two devices or remove them and have them specifically aligned (as in using Infrared). In either case, the process is quite cumbersome and does not happen without effort.

This last bit of the network, which involves ones personal appliance, is referred to as the Personal Area Network(PAN).

Ericsson, Nokia, IBM and a host of other companies together developed the Bluetooth wireless specification to specifically address the Personal Area Networking needs. Bluetooth is a short-range, low-cost, small from-factor and secure wireless solution which promises to completely eliminate the need for all data cables connecting the devices in homes and offices. One of the strongest and most attractive feature of Bluetooth is its ability to form ad hoc networks. That is, when ever Bluetooth devices are in range of each other they could automatically discover the others presence and even make services related enquiries of each other without any user intervention whatsoever. [1]

What is Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless technology, which is able to carry data over a distance less...