Black Mountain Herb - Part 2

Essay by spoonman419 July 2004

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Looking up, aware That I had lost the thread and a few moments in quiet reflection, I stood.

Having already lost a few guests as they harvested their plant, I spoke to the others. They looked typical for this stage. Most were incredibly stoned, running an eye over the small silvered containers of weed I could see why.

Oh well, isn't that what the love of weed is all about?

"Friends, this is where your tour becomes decidedly different."

Grinning I walked into the approximate centre of them, the people being stoners, politeness took over and they quieted down a lot, not that they were boisterous. This is the Blue Mountain farm. Not Bushed Gardens.

"We think your visit here should be fun. And tours I have taken where I followed someone around for three hours then left without having a chance to look at exactly what I wanted to look at were always Not Fun to me"

My arm idly touching at different points about the farm as I spoke.

"I can highly recommend a smoke by the trout outside, the weather is good. There is also a stair to the highest point on the farm. The sunsets are awesome up there. The farm property is clearly marked, please stay on it, and if you see a bear, be polite!"

Nervous laughter greeted that comment. Well this is Wyoming and many of our visitors just have no idea of what is walking around a real mountain forest. I figured it is not my place to keep people safe, but they do need to be told. It is not surprising, most folks stick to the manicured areas. But we do not make decisions for other people here.

You see, we figure that is what caused the drug war and all...