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Dear J. Binks,

This letter may seem peculiar to someone in the twenty first century as I am still trapped in the first century. I am Hygethrik, a thane to the great, marvelous king, Hrothgar. Life was going magnificently until a grim demon named Grendel started attacking the magnificent king, Hrothgar's court. We used to enjoy welfare and entertainment with a sense of security until this gloomy, wretched monster Grendel started to attack. After Grendel started to attack, all the warriors of the great king Hrothgar have felt a sense of horror and insecurity as he was attacking and consuming warriors of Hrothgar's court. No armor or weaponry was a match to this demon. He has gobbled up many of my fellow warriors and is now a threat to my king Hrothgar. I am afraid that Beowolf, a loyal and great warrior of Hrothgar is threatened by this demon.

If he does not slay this demon, my king and I are doomed, or destined for death. No sword or shield has proved to protect a soul from this monster; Grendel tears people into pieces and bites through the bones and gobbles the flesh before the person can defend himself, many a night. My body senses fear and I cannot sleep, but my heart says everything is going to be well.

It is now past midnight, and I cannot sleep. Visions of blood and corpses of my fellow thanes run through my head, and I feel queasy and sick to the stomach. I have a feeling that I might be the next one to be destroyed and face an ill fated death. I wish this demon would die and vanish rather than eating up masses of warriors, leaving others sick and in fear of being torn to death and dying...