Benito Mussolini is Not Inherently Evil

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It is believed that Dictator Benito Mussolini was influenced to be evil. In other terms, former Prime Minister Mussolini is not inherently wicked. Based on the evidence that was obtained from many sources, it is clear that the dictator was influenced to become wicked during his childhood, his wandering-life, and his political life. Mussolini is one of those individuals who exemplify that humans are influenced to be evil, by the fact that his evil acts that were carried out are caused by the surrounding individuals in his life.

During Mussolini's childhood years, he was involved in many conflicts with his peers, he opposed his authorities (teachers & priests), and he was a major bully. The society in which Mussolini grew up in was quite underprivileged, so he was strongly affected by the Socialistic environment. It was quite typical for children to fight with each other in young Mussolini's society. When Mussolini attended school, he usually got into many savage knife fights with his schoolmates.

At the age of ten, "Mussolini was involved in a violent fight with an older schoolmate", (74, Mussolini) and the boy was stabbed in the hand by Mussolini. As a consequence, he was disciplined by means of confinement and expulsion from the school. Mussolini believed in his society's philosophy, which is to "seek vengeance upon an enemy whenever they strike on you", (109, Mussolini) so some of his fighting was also a result of the concept. Young Mussolini was also educated by his father to be quite rebellious towards his authorities, so "he often resisted compulsory attendance at mass", (13, The Life and Work of Benito Mussolini) and he was considered as "the black sheep of the school." (19, Mussolini) Young Mussolini "was also a bully who terrorized younger children and especially little girls" (