Being different separates us from others and gives us our individuality. We say to people that it is better to be different but, is it really?

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Edward Scissorhands shows that it is better to be different. Being different separates us from others and gives us our individuality and independence. We say to people that it is better to be different, but in the eyes of those that are different, really different, is it really better?

The Film " Edward Scissor Hands" is about an inventor who creates a boy to keep him company in his mansion, as he has always wanted a son. He unfortunately dies, before the boy is complete so the boy is left to look after himself. The one difficulty, he has scissors as hands.

Edward Scissorhands is a variation of the classic horror theme exemplified by the story of Frankenstein, where a monster, enters into a peaceful community and disrupts the calmness. But this director, Ted Burton, manipulates the horror genre and on many occasions makes the audience's expectations change dramatically by presenting a mixture of horror, comedy, romance and fairytale in fast sequences.

Even before viewing the film, you are aware that it is not an everyday horror. Ted Burton's previous films Beetlejuice and Batman prepare you for a film that is visually stunning, perhaps with more humour or more exaggerated scenes. The publicity for Edward Scissorhands used the phrase 'The story of an uncommonly gentle man.' And the posters showed a picture of a calm Edward with a butterfly perched on one of the sharp blades that replace his hands. Clashing images such as these two reinforce the idea of a mixture of the romance in the movie, and then, at the same time the horror. Even without seeing publicity material, the PG and the teen favourites of the day Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder for lead roles suggest that this is a film aimed at the teenage market.