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Netgear designs mechanically advanced networking products that address the specific needs of small and medium business and home users. Netgear's MP101 Wireless Digital Music Player features an antenna to enable a wireless connection to the home computer and then connects to the audio input jacks of any stereo system at the other end. It organizes a digital library of MP3 and Windows Media music by using the customers' accessible files for artist, album, and song list to combined music from all the computers on the network into a solitary database. Consumers can use the MP101's remote control to select the specific song from any PC and send it straight to the stereo speakers.

This specific music player from Netgear can play songs from a legal online music service, Real Player's Rhapsody which requires a $9.95 a month subscription after the free thirty day trial. The MP101 also can connect to hundreds of radio stations around the world via Vtuner, which offers a 60-day free trial before asking for a one-time fee of $20 (Microsoft, 2004).

This incredible piece of equipment costs $149 and has all the information included for the operating of the device to its most excellent capability. Overall Netgear's wireless media player lets all music devotees enjoy a household experience from the comfort of their favorite lounging spot.

The customers targeted by Netgear are from the middle class society that is to some extent secluded from the uneasy expenses of superior corporations. The MP101 Wireless Digital Music Player is for the individuals who are infatuated with music that do not have the time or money to sit in front of their computers and burn compact discs. The sleek and easy-to-install product is specifically for the people who are not skilled with the extremes of the...