How the Baptists sucked me in

Essay by princess666 August 2004

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When I was only in primary two my best mate told me she had started to go to church and I should too. I thought what the hell whats the worst that could happen to me?

When I first went I thought it was great, they gave you breakfast and were so friendly in sunday school. I kept going for weeks Mr Baker was the minister and was fun to talk to, his daughter Becca always had something funny to say and Mrs Baker always helped us with problems.

But what was I to know that they were brain-washing me, making me believe that if I didn't go to church and pray everyday i would end up in "hell". They started to put more pressure on me saying I should join the other group activities which went on most nights of the week. I had no idea what I was doing i thought this would save me from a horrible "after-life".

My friends didn't even recognise me half the time as I was quiet and subdued when just 6 months before I started at church I was lively and bubbly.

For many years I tried to stop going but I had dreadful nightmares of me dying and being tortured for not being the perfect christian. It took over my life I even started to go to church whenever a sermon was on so "God" would forgive me for even trying to stop this wonderful thing happening to me.

But the time came when I realised bad things were going to happen anyway as my uncle died of cancer. Mr and Mrs Baker said it was because he smoked and drank too much and "God" had decided he shouldn't waste his life that way. I realised what...