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Essay by cheekynicki August 2004

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I looked for you

Pain was not meant to be.

Was it for revenge?

I would do anything for you

If I was ever asked..


Me leaving was meant to be.

When I needed you.

I thought of you.

I worried for you.

I cared for you.


I never stopped needing you.

You thought I didn't care.

I was not informed.

You shut me out.

I trusted you.


You never wanted.

To be forgiven.

To be friends.

For things to be normal

To be the same.


But you know what

I never wanted you to bleed.

I never wanted to hurt you.

Why did you do the things you do?

Did you not do something to hurt me too?

The question was...

Reoccurring pain

Why did you look for me?

Is it that the pain you caused.

Is not enough?

I would do anything then

If you would just ask


When I needed you.

You went way.

Leaving me to suffer alone.

Now when I'm contented.

With the painful memories behind


You bring a knife.

Cutting into my heart again.

I still bleed from the wound.

It has never healed.

The memories still haunt me.


I can never forget.

A word of sorry.

Cannot heal everything.

Time does not heal

I would bleed still.